The difference between contact lenses and beauty lenses

- Jan 07, 2020-

Contact lenses and beauty lenses are similar but different. Both have differences in use and effects. Let ’s take a look.


The pupil is actually a kind of contact lens. In a broad sense, the pupil refers to the color contact lens. However, after a business registered the word pupil, the pupil in the narrow sense refers to the merchant ’s pupil product. . Here we start from a broad perspective, and introduce to you the difference between beautiful pupils and contact lenses.


Contact lenses are contact lenses with corrective vision and astigmatism. Beautiful lenses are only a small part of contact lenses.


The roles of the two are different. The main function of the beautiful pupil is to beautify the eyes and play a decorative role; while the role of the contact lens is mainly to correct vision, astigmatism, etc., and is relatively professional. The standard for those who wear beautiful pupils to buy is mainly the color and pattern of the lenses, which does not pay much attention to the functionality of the contact lenses themselves. The buyers of contact lenses have higher requirements for the parameters of the lenses.


Because the main function of the beautiful pupil is only to beautify the eyes, the parameter standards of the beautiful pupil are definitely inferior to the contact lenses. For example, astigmatism users are less suitable for wearing colored contact lenses. Wearers with astigmatism over 75 ° are recommended to wear custom astigmatism films.


The wearing time of beautiful pupils should not be too long. It is recommended not to wear it for more than 6 hours per day, because the oxygen permeability of lenses is not very high compared to contact lenses. For people who often feel dry eyes, it is recommended to wear contact lenses with high oxygen permeability. At present, silicon hydrogel contact lenses have five to six times the oxygen permeability of ordinary contact lenses, and are generally welcomed by consumers.


Experts point out that the method of caring for contact lenses and ordinary transparent lenses is the same, and the contact lens care solution used does not require special requirements. Whether in terms of comfort or feeling of wearing, the lenses and contact lenses are almost the same. The same, but the base curve of the beautiful pupil is larger than the contact lens, the contact lens has no increased effect, and there is no colorful!