The difference between vintage glasses case and EVA case, and why we use EVA material.

- Aug 23, 2017-

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[Summary] Among the glasses case, if the case is made of the EVA material, we named this kind of glasses case as EVA glasses case. However, as we have mentioned this sort of glasses cases, why not to know more about it? In this way,  we can widen our scope of knowledge to get familiar of different kinds of glasses case.


1.    EVA Case, what’s the material of EVA?

EVA Case, as the short name of EVA Glasses Case, The Chinese name of the EVA material is ‘ethylene-vinylacetate copolymer’ , anymore, which full English name is ‘Ethylene Vinyl Acetate’. EVA is Copolymerized by ethylene and vinyl acetate resin, which is a common material and widely used.


2.    What’s the difference between classic Glasses Case and EVA Case?

Below is the detailed difference of the EVA Case and the classic Glasses Case:

eva eyeglasses case (8).JPG

eva eyewear cases

Difference 1: The classic Glasses Case, most of them are oblong shape, however, the EVA Case(EVA Glasses Case) has a lot shapes to choose for us, such as oblong, flat, heart-shaped, and almost square shape. 

Difference 2: the functional difference of these two kinds of cases, Classic Glasses Case is mainly used to keep glasses, while EVA Case besides the storage function, also should to  considering the shape appearance is good or not, and whether it is easy to carry on.


3.    If the guests want to customize a high-classed glasses case, can we use EVA material to made of it, and why?

If the guests want to customize a high-classed glasses case, it is available to use EVA material to make of it; moreover, EVA is a kind of nice material, we can according to different client’s requirements to customization. As for the detailed reasons: EVA material has good resilience force, tenacity, and high anti-tensile strength, that is why we choose it, for which has excellent performance of shockproof and buffering.

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