The easiest way to make money in a monopoly market

- Jul 17, 2019-

When it comes to starting a business to make money, some people think that if you find a good brand as an agent or a new explosion of new products, you can lie down and make money. I used to think so, I continued to practice it and found that this was the wrong idea.


Maybe you have used Huawei or Apple phones. Do you think you have experienced the best mobile phones in the world? When you wear a pair of tyrannosaurus glasses, do you think it is better than Levi's glasses? Of course not, because everyone has different ideas and perceptions. What you think is the best is not necessarily what others think is the best. If you think that it is not good, it does not mean that others think it is not good. So how do you judge whether it is the best product in the user's mind?


We opened a mobile phone shop in the industrial area, Xiaomi's sales must be better than Apple; we opened an optical shop in the school, Levi's sales must be better than Tyrannosaurus. In terms of absolute performance, Apple's mobile phone is better than Xiaomi's mobile phone; Tyrannosaurus is better than Levi's glasses, but from the market demand analysis, on the contrary, what is the reason? Because we position our products in the market rather than the product itself (quality, style, price), the user's psychoanalysis is the basis for building a market model. Judging the product through this standard, we say it is the best choice to cater to the market.