The function and category of the pencil box

- Nov 29, 2017-

There are many types of pencil boxes, not only of different types, but also of different shapes,but it's mostly rectangular.
Judging from the current market, there are two main kinds of pencil boxes which are popular among children, one is iron and the other is made of plastic. In comparison, the former has no excessive pattern in modelling, but it is very practical, not easy to deform and damage, especially suitable for mischievous pupil to use.

fashion pencil box(2).jpg

The plastic pencil box is not only bright, the pattern is rich, but also lighter, carry more convenient. At present, it is especially popular among primary and middle school students, even college students sometimes use it. In addition, a new type of stationery box that has been popular in recent years is made of cloth, also known as "pencil bag". Because it is convenient to carry, and economical and practical, it is also suitable for the use of old and young people.
With the development of technology, a new kind of product is born in the market, which is what we call automatic pencil box. The main features of this product are:  The whole is composed of the outer box body and the inner box body, but the outer box body of a long side of the outer space is inserted into the inner box body, the outer box body of another long side of the upper along the hinge connected the box cover, the lid is made up of two narrow lifted the lid hinge. Its main advantage is can adjust according to use demand, convenient and practical.