The function of eyeglasses cloth and use requirement

- Dec 09, 2017-

Glasses cloth in use for dedicating from lens, in the scrub after the completion of the need to rinse off with clear water.Using glasses cloth to wipe the face can effectively protect the sweat pores, prevent the acne.
The function of eyeglasses cloth
1. The glasses cloth can extend the life of the lens to a certain extent.
2. To some extent effectively prevent the traditional cleaning cloth from wiping off the lens and leaving the water mark.
3. Thoroughly clear the remaining stubborn stains on the lens, making the picture clear.
4. Wipe lens clean, quick and convenient at once.

microfiber cloth glasses.jpg

5. Remove bacteria from the lens and achieve disinfection function.
6. Clean glass, resin and other material glasses, glass mirror and other mirror surface, remove stains and absorb grease.
7. The wrap glasses can act as a buffer to prevent damage to the scratches and scratches.
8. Absorb moisture from the frame and keep it dry.
Under the microscope, the fabric of the eyeglasses is more closely aligned than the fabric of ordinary cloth, and the fabric itself is softer than ordinary fabric. This is because the eyeglasses are almost all of the lens, the front and rear surfaces of each standard lens have seven layers of different layers.