The importance of regular replacement of contact lens cases

- Dec 25, 2019-

Contact lens case is a must-have for non-day disposable contact lenses. It is a storage place for lenses, so that the lenses have a clean and hygienic environment and ensure eye health. Like contact lenses, contact lens cases need to be cleaned and replaced regularly.


Once the contact lens lid is opened, bacteria can easily come to your door, increasing the risk of eye infections. Therefore, if the contact lenses are not to be worn temporarily, they should be cleaned and disinfected and stored in a contact lens box containing contact lens care solution or sterile physiological saline solution to prevent the lens from being contaminated and dried.


At the beginning, the mirror box should also be washed with boiling water, and then rinsed with fresh care solution before use.


In daily use, contact lenses are often worn, and the daily care solution needs to be replaced with fresh ones. If you don't wear it for a long time, you also need to change the care solution for three days.


It is best to store contact lens cases disinfected for 3-4 days, because the lens cases can breed bacteria and fungi. For hygienic reasons, it is necessary to rinse frequently with boiling water. After all, this thing is inseparable from the eyes, and it is still clean. In addition, it is best not to put a contact lens case in the bathroom, because moisture is easy to mold and it is more likely to breed bacteria.


The replacement cycle of the lens box is generally three months. No matter what kind of contact lens box is, after long-term use, it needs to be replaced, otherwise it will easily breed bacteria and bring harm to eye health.


In addition to the lens case, the clips and suction rods that are in close contact with the contact lenses also need to be replaced regularly. It is recommended to replace them with the lens case. Daily cleaning and disinfection are also required.