The maintenance and solution of the folding umbrella

- May 04, 2018-

The most easily broken place in the folding is the T-cap on the top of the umbrella, and the T-cap is the middle rod of the skeleton inside the umbrella bone, because the wind blows the skeleton easily and looses, and the cats are loose. In this case, the solution is to find a little piece of cloth or plastic, and rotate the connecting position of the T-cap and the bar in the skeleton so that the umbrella will continue to be used.

The connection of the skeleton steel bar of the folding umbrella is broken (we call it the chicken eye), which is also a common situation in which one or more sides of the umbrella will collapse when the umbrella is opened. In this case, the solution is to find a pair of pliers, preferably with sharp nose pliers, and iron wire. After careful observation, we found that the iron cap with bad connections was unloaded and replaced with wire. Tighten with the pliers, and note that the end of the wire should be screwed up, and the umbrella should not be picked up.

Another case is that the position of the shrink card of the folding umbrella is broken. When the umbrella is opened, it can not hold up automatically. You can't always walk your umbrella with your hand. This way of solving the problem usually requires cutting tools like fruit knives. The position of the card will be leveled when it is opened, because it is always used and damaged by wind and weather, which makes the card position uneven and round and can not hold the umbrella. It can be solved by cutting the plastic card with a knife. With these methods, the general problems can be solved.

In addition to the above cases, there are several conditions to be repaired. There are several conditions: the wind is easy to cause the small wire bending of the parachute bone, and the wire can be pulled directly with the hand, so as to avoid the shedding of the chicken eye or the piercing of the umbrella cloth, the umbrella handle is rusty, and the switch is not smooth, and the handle joints are stained with a small screw driver or toothpick. The switch can be repeated several times; if you can't solve it, you have to throw your umbrella away, because the umbrella's structure is so simple. There is no need to repair the big problem.

I believe that after seeing the common faults of the umbrella and its maintenance, you can get some maintenance tips. The umbrella can not only shade the sun, but also has the advantages of convenient contraction and easy carrying. For students, it is the most reliable to have an umbrella in a schoolbag. However, after using the umbrella in the rainy day, it is necessary to remember to dry the umbrella, so that the umbrella handle will not be so easy to rust, but also the maintenance of the umbrella, the life of the umbrella will increase naturally.