The market outlook of pencil bag

- Apr 11, 2018-

Pencil Pouch is also known as pencil bag, zipper stationery bag. It is an extension of the stationery box, and it has the beauty that the pencil case can't reach.

Pencil Pouch can’t be as an independent industry, it is only a small part of the office supplies stationery, and it’s one of the handbag, may not be rise a big increasing in demand, but will maintain the current demand level.

The demand of pencil bag and pencil case is inversely linked, when the more people using pencil case, Then fewer people will use the pen bag; while the more people use pencil bag, that means fewer people are using stationery boxes.

In the past few years, pencil bags is difficult to popularize, because at that time many people only know the pencil case, and many people buy pencil case followed suit. Because of the individuality of life, everyone wants to be different, and in addition to the pursuit of convenience, pencil bag quickly became one of the consumer's favorite stationery.