The methods, steps and matters of attention of Rice Dumpling Coin Purse

- Dec 18, 2017-

The tools and raw materials of Coin Purse
Ribbon, cloth lining, wide white zipper,red narrow zipper,scissors, lace scissors, needles.
 The methods and steps of the Coin Purse
 1.Cut the zipper more than 6cm and sew the edge of the ribbon to the center edge of the zipper at the beginning.

coin pouch.jpg

2.Next, the half part is stitched along the center of the zipper, which is the longest end. The zipper is divided into two parts.Then stitch the ribbon onto the zipper and note that the edge of the ribbon should be stitched into a round edge.
3.As the position is not moved, the zipper is stitched in a circle, and the final seams of the zipper are formed to form a cylindrical purse.  
4.Gently squeeze the bottom edge of the purse and turn it into a triangular cone of Rice Dumpling, fix the mark with a big head nail,make an inner pocket of the same shape with cloth lining, plug it in through the pocket of a zipper and stitch it into a whole.
5.Sew a strap in a position close to the opening, the handmade DIY lovely Rice Dumpling Zipper Coin Purse is done
Matters of attention to the Coin Purse
With lovely patterns of old cloth, used to make simple zipper packet, can be used as a wallet, can also be a pencil case, a wide range of uses, and the production process is easy to operate.