The new windproof umbrella: no problem using in windy days

- Jan 19, 2018-

 Holding up an umbrella in the windy and rainy weather is commonly counter-productive, you can’t able to hold the umbrella under the strong windy rainy weather, and mostly easy to let your body wet .
In order to solve this problem, Two engineers in Vancouver, Canada, have created a cypress umbrella, which adopt independent support similar to automobile suspension, to make every umbrella bone uninfluenced by other factors; Secondly, it is applied to the telescopic structure on the single umbrella bone, which greatly improved the air defense capability of the umbrella; Finally, the added area is larger than the inner covering of the umbrella, when the umbrella is closed, the rain will be covered by the umbrella, to make sure the body is not get wet.

windproof umbrella.jpg

In addition, the new umbrella is convenient for folding and storage, because the umbrella is put away in a neat cylindrical shape with a sleeve attached to the handle, the rainwater can be kept in the umbrella instead of scattering it to wet your bag.

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