The popular color and production efficiency of Coin Purse

- Dec 05, 2017-

The coin purse has been famous for its low price and fast production. Most of the secrets of leather bag processing factories are piecework wage system, and many products are rubber compounds. The unit price is very low, and the quality requirements are not high, so they do not have universal reference value. The improvement of production efficiency must be based on the premise of the stability standard.So we can improve the production efficiency from the following aspects: to improve the line management, science, optimization of process, use the new equipment, change the pay structure, flow process and so on.
The coin purse processing factory can only be valuable if it is promoted and produced efficiently.It is an everlasting topic to improve production efficiency in a leather bag processing plant. Of course, the key points of efficiency promotion at different stages of development are also different. Every zero purse processing plant has its own characteristics and methods. Only those who are suitable for leather bag processing plants themselves are the best.

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The popularity color of this year is rich and diverse, among which there are three color very white and beauty, the first is the sakura straw colour, the color is bright, is the vitality of spring, so vibrant color, very suitable for spring wear, a good mood also can instantly lit up.The second is the fiery red, which can feel the power like fire from its name, and the orange red is more lively than the normal red, and also the color of the skin. The third is turquoise blue, which looks like an introverted and noble color whether it's a commute or a date.
These colors have been widely used in costume design, with coin purses as women's favorite accessories, and also to keep up with the pace. The women's bag factory can be used in the design and development, and it is believed that consumers will like it.