The production process and advantages of pencil bag

- Dec 22, 2017-

In the process of making the pencil bag, combine the external material of the pencil bag, effectively sew your fabric together and open the seam on the back of the cloth. According to the instructions provided by the manufacturer, the melt wool cloth is attached to the pencil fabric in the second step.
Pencil bag using a ruler measure the distance of 1.75 on the cloth and marker in black cloth on the outside of the standard tags, so that you can use a ruler to measure again ivory cloth and yellow cloth, cut under this paragraph, as part of a pencil tip. Repeat this step and cut down the other
Cut another piece of pencil cloth in the same way when you make it. Sew two lines on the grey fabric to make it look more like a metal part of a pencil tail and a rubber necklace. You need to cut out the shape of the pencil on the lining. Use the pencil fabric that you just completed as a lining in the template. If the lining you use is a patterned fabric, remember to cut it in the opposite direction.
Pencil bags need effective will face up in a line, when making use of need to put the zip in parallel and level above mainly and cloth will be a piece of pencil cloth, in turn, on top of zip keep parallel with zip level. Use a pin to hold all the fabric together and sew up the upper end of the fabric and the lock. Pull all the fabric layers to one side of the lock, and press carefully to make room for the lock.
The pencil bag will be lined up on the front and placed on the sewn fabric and placed on top of the cloth to align the top end. Place another piece of pencil on the back of all the fabric and align it with the lock, which is aligned with all the fabric. Pin the cloth and sew it with the lock. Spread all the seams of the seams and open the zipper to the position. Put the two pieces of lining together, and combine the two pieces of pencil together, and then combine the two pieces of pencil cloth together, and fasten them with a pin. Note that the teeth of the lock are pointing to the lining.
In the process of sewing, sewing in one quarter of the edge, opening is left in the bottom. Sew a few more times at the zipper to consolidate the zipper. Trim the corners and cut off the extra zip. Remove the bag from the opening, tighten it and sew it in the opening, then roll it into a bag and press it tight.