The role and type of sunglasses case

- Apr 14, 2018-

Sunglass cases are mainly used for storing, protecting and carrying sunglasses. It has evolved with the development of sunglasses, and so far it has come a long and diverse course of development. Currently, sunglasses boxes on the market not only have different shapes but also have different materials.


In the process of making and processing sunglasses cases, the materials that can be selected are: wood, bamboo, leather, bone, shark skin, silk, cardboard, silk, copper, steel, aluminum, plastic, artificial leather, bakelite, organic glass. And synthetic metal materials.


We all know that when we don't use sunglasses, we need to protect it from damage by protecting it from being damaged, so as to prevent the lens from being contaminated or damaged.


In other words, the sunglasses box is used to preserve the special fit of the glasses. On the one hand, it can provide a good space for saving the sunglasses, and the second is to protect the glasses from being contaminated and damaged.


With the continuous development of technology, various new materials have been continuously developed and widely used. At the same time, the shape of the sunglasses case has also evolved from simple circular, rectangular, and long oval shapes to various forms, advanced, luxurious, small, compressive, and portable.


In short, placing sunglasses in a sunglasses case protects the lens from damage, facilitates access, and protects the glasses more effectively. This can also extend the use of sunglasses.