The role of toy storage bag and the specific production method

- Mar 17, 2018-

Today, there are many children's toys. Large toys can be stored in storage boxes. However, it is inconvenient for small toys to be placed in boxes. At this time, there is a great need for a toy storage bag that can be used to tidy up the little toys that children have played.


Especially the children's spelling plug toys, each time they come up with a big share, when it is very costly. But with the toy storage bag, you don't need to take out the toys when you play, and it's much easier to do when you're ready to pack, saving time and avoiding losing.


The method of making the toy storage bag is actually very simple. First, take a cloth with a diameter of 100 cm and cut it into a circle. The length of the circle is then measured according to the diameter, and a strip of cloth 15 cm wide is cut. And according to the already cut rectangular cloth edge, cut another piece of the same size hard cloth. Note that the length of the hard fabric can be reduced by 1cm.


Then according to the strip size, cut a piece of cloth with the same length and width of 25cm; and put the two pieces of soft and hard cloth with the front side facing in and the back side facing outward, and align the sewing on both sides. Then turn the cloth edges that have been joined together, make a hard surface, and stitch them with the circle on the bottom edge.


Finally, the upper strip of fabric is stitched to the already sewn bottom so that the basic appearance of the toy storage bag is already out. However, it is also necessary to sew the edge of the bag with a finger and a wide cloth to sew the edge. When the department penetrates the rope, it can be really completed. During the production process, the diameter and diameter of the toy storage bag can be adjusted according to their own needs.