The specific type of cosmetic bag and comparison with the wash bag

- Sep 08, 2017-

[Overview] In the specific types of bags, it is really a wide variety, but below, we mainly introduce one of them, specifically speaking, it is cosmetic bags. And to do so, it is possible to ensure everyone's learning effect, and timely grasp related knowledge, thus broaden their knowledge.

1. Cosmetic bag definition and material

Cosmetic bag, which comes from a professional point of view, it refers to the bag used to load cosmetics, for example, put the powder, lip gloss, eyebrow pencil, mascara, and oil-absorbing paper and so on. And it can use many kinds of material,like nylon cloth, cotton, PVC, PU and so on. According to personal preferences.

2. Cosmetic bag specific types

Cosmetic bag, which in a specific category, if the division by function, then there are multi-functional professional cosmetic bag, travel with a simple type of cosmetic bag and a small cosmetic bag these three.

leather makeup bag .jpg

leather makeup bag

Multi-functional professional cosmetic bag: its main advantage is the function, and its internal, there are a number of sub-grid and storage bags. General, professional make-up artist use more.

Travel Cosmetic Bag: This kind of cosmetic bag inside, the grid is relatively small, but in function it is relatively complete, you can put some commonly used make-up and dressing supplies. Advantages is for easy to carry.

3. Difference between cosmetic bag and wash bag

Cosmetic bag and wash bag, the difference between the two, mainly have the following three points:

(1) The items in the package are different, the former is for the cosmetics, the latter is for the toiletries.

(2) In the texture, these two are not the same, because the former can be cloth, and can not be waterproof, but the latter should be waterproof.

(3) In use, cosmetic bags are more use for outside, for example, for makeup and the like. While the wash bag, the basic use for home or travel. Therefore, their use is different. At this point, we should be clear, can not be confused.

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