The type and basic structure of the folding glasses case

- Feb 02, 2018-

In order to easy to carry, people can choose folding glasses box, and a good folding glasses case needs not only when a strong enough, also can need not take a place in fold.So how do you do that?

The glasses box is a necessity for the storage of eyeglasses, which can effectively protect the eyewear and prevent the lens from scratching.At the beginning, the glasses box was made of iron and gradually expanded to cotton, plastic and other materials.And the form aspect also develops from rectangle to fold type.

Different USES of glasses boxes, glasses need to use a different type of folding, so it is usually divided into folded myopia glasses boxes, glasses and sunglasses folding box of two kinds, the former is generally triangular, including eight CARDS, arranged in two columns and through the soft cloth paste rectangularity.

There are two CARDS with iron plates on them, and two other CARDS with permanent magnet blocks with different polarity.An equilateral triangle card is connected to two CARDS by a connecting cloth, and another equilateral triangle card is connected to the other two CARDS by connecting the cloth.These two equilateral triangle CARDS form the side of the folded eyeglasses box, and the six CARDS form a three-prism shell, and two CARDS with iron plates are the lid of the glasses box.

And the sunglasses folding glasses box is usually a rectangle, it is made of flexible material, inside the high strength PVC panel, guaranteed strength.When the sunglasses are not in use, they are wrapped in a mirror cloth, and the lens is facing up and placed in the folded glasses box to prevent the lens from being scratched by hard objects.