The unique structure and use of double glasses case

- Feb 02, 2018-

Glasses, as a kind of vision is poorer people, its usage is very large, and as a protective glasses glasses box also has a lot of demand, but also more and more varieties, double glasses box is a special kind of products within the scope of this.

Double glasses box is a kind of tool for cheng fang glasses for convenient to carry, mainly to play the role of a protecting eyes clean and prevent damage, although glasses boxes, the design of the production process for producing glasses boxes, use of materials, features, design and color is tie-in, shape, quality and so on a series of improvement of the lacquer that bake, but glasses box glasses in a single function has not changed.

At present, most of the common glasses box on the market for the rectangle, is composed of the box body and the box body, and turn the glasses box is through the glue adhesive to flip the pimp, glue often fall out because of unstable or high temperature, the structure of the flip the poor fastness of glasses boxes, glasses box is generally free from flat mirror, will cause trouble in glasses.

In order to overcome the above defects are introduced a double glasses case, it is mainly by the box body, lifted the lid, a shaft, switches and other components, also lifted the lid on one side outside the double glasses box set lighting, plane mirror, such as accessories, in order to better facilitate the use of the user.

Double glasses boxes, glasses box can be set up by the infrared range finder for outdoor exercise can make accurate fast detect obstacles around the azimuth and distance, by setting the plane mirror and floodlight glasses are convenient for the user;At the same time, by setting the cleaning agent tank, frame glasses slot and contact lens box, the glasses are arranged in a more orderly manner;You can better protect the contents of the box by setting the slide rail and the inner box cover.