The way the umbrella is opened is also different

- Aug 07, 2017-

Today, the umbrella on the market a variety of, but if the umbrella by open the way, then generally divided into two styles, one is manually open, one is automatically open. Golf umbrella is no exception, golf umbrella is also divided into manual open and automatically open, in fact, whether it is manually open or automatically open the golf umbrella, they have their own characteristics and style, then the two comparison, the customer generally like Which golf umbrella is chosen?

If you look at the price and practical point of view, the average customer will like to choose the open hand golf umbrella, because the cost of open golf umbrella price is relatively low, and the golf umbrella will be more durable to open.

But if it is a high-end aesthetic point of view, then the customer will choose to automatically open the golf umbrella, because the style is enough, and the use of convenience, but it has a drawback is that it is automatically open, so bad often Bad in the switch button there, so that its life is obviously not automatically open long life.

But for the umbrella, the umbrella is also a kind of daily consumables, so the normal use of a golf umbrella is generally in the six months to a year or so, and now improve the living standards, people for the appearance of the product with the convenience requirements will be more, So now the customers are like to automatically open the golf umbrella will be more, although the automatic opening of the price of golf umbrella will be higher, but it is indeed higher than the hand of the golf umbrella will be much higher grade, but also more convenient , And umbrella frame style selectivity is also more, so usually we will also introduce the automatic opening of the golf umbrella more.