The world's 1 billion presbyopia sees the world is finally no longer blurred

- Jul 01, 2019-

Researchers have developed a smart eyeglass that can be automatically focused, which is a boon for people with various visual impairments.

Called "Autofocals", this pair of lenses uses a depth-sensing camera and eye tracking technology to keep objects in an ultra-clear focus at any time.

Presbyopia is a common form of senile hyperopia, and the lens of the eye becomes stiff and unable to focus on close objects.

This situation usually begins around the age of 45, affecting more than 1 billion people, which is a key factor that many people need to wear glasses in middle age.

But a team at Stanford University has developed a way to treat such defects, and when wearing glasses, they mimic the natural "autofocus" mechanism of healthy eyes.

Unnatural head movements, such as lifting your neck while driving, looking at the side mirrors, just wearing glasses, may be more dangerous.

Researchers say the person wearing contact lenses is at higher risk of being injured from a fall.

The newly developed smart glasses use fluid-filled lenses that, through the action of current, can protrude or thinen as the field of view changes.

The eye tracking sensor can triangulate an object or divide it into a triangular section where one can observe the object and determine its exact distance.

The smart software then ensures that the object being viewed is always in focus.