There must be a system for prevention and control of myopia

- Aug 02, 2019-

Myopia treatment does not rely on taking medicine, does not rely on eye drops, does not rely on exercise to cure, myopia prevention and control is a comprehensive system.


Establishing a professional prevention and control team is the premise of prevention and control of myopia. It is the key to individual and group intervention by establishing adolescent eye development and refractive files. However, it is impossible to prevent and control myopia in China. The whole society participates in the prevention and control of myopia in young people.


In addition, managing myopia is the key. According to the survey data, teenagers often have worse eyes during the summer vacation because they have a lot of holidays to play games at home. Therefore, prevention and control of myopia cannot be relied on by doctors alone or by teachers. Mothers are very important for prevention and control of myopia.


Finally, the correction of myopia in adolescents and children should go to formal medical institutions, and parents should not be convinced of the propaganda of some non-professional institutions.


Myopia prevention and control must be scientific, the National Health and Health Commission has clearly pointed out that there are four words in the prevention and control of myopia can not be used: rehabilitation, recovery, reduction of degrees of myopia, nemesis of myopia.


Therefore, parents should not be in a hurry to go to the doctors. They must believe in science. If they have problems, they must go to the regular medical institutions for correction, and spend less and spend less.