Three Folding Umbrella and 5 fold umbrella

- Jan 13, 2018-

The three-folding umbrella is one of the rain gear, as the name implies, it can fold three fold, can open, easy to carry the umbrella, is a portable tool. The three-folding umbrella is compact and firm, durable, sunny and rainy. Normal umbrella as long, as a whole is bigger, not easy to some occasions, so people used to three bending of umbrella stand, umbrella handles becomes retractable, so can easily on the package. Since most portable umbrellas are folded in three folds, they are known as three-folding umbrellas.

The three-folding umbrella belongs to the middle design, not public, low-key. In terms of texture, use and so on, it is relatively modest design. The main advantage is: the quality is good, the service life is longer, the sun protection wind is better, the weight is moderate, the length also is moderate. The whole also is moderate, it is the design idea that is more popular, practical use.


 A  5 fold umbrella , is an umbrella that can be folded very small. This kind of umbrella is known for its short and easy to carry. It is mainly aimed at the problem of long and heavy umbrella, which is designed by resin bone and advanced aluminum alloy skeleton. At present, many sunshade umbrellas are designed to be like this. The main malady is the umbrella bone, which can not bear the heavy rain. It is advisable to use a half - fold umbrella to protect against the rain.

A very portable shelter for a home trip. A collapsible stent is used to effectively reduce the length of the closed umbrella. It is about the same size as the glasses box.