Tips for buying children's sunglasses

- Jun 02, 2019-

The fewer the decorations, the better, some children's sunglasses on the market, there are too many decorations and shapes. In fact, the more decorations, the larger the coverage of the visual area, causing many safety hazards. So buy sunglasses for your child, the less the decoration, the better. Parents who love beauty must pay attention to wearing sunglasses for children not to "good-looking", but to give the necessary protection to the eyes.


For sea sports, polarized lenses are selected. Polarized lenses can only allow light on a specific vibration surface to pass through, which can reduce the light entering the eye. It also has functions such as anti-glare, anti-surface reflection light, and waterproof surface light, so as to better Protect your child's eyesight. Wearing polarized sunglasses is better when exercising at sea. Polarizers are also required for skiing.


The lens is large enough for the child's face, and the lens of the child's sunglasses is preferably large enough for the child's face. It is advisable to cover your child's eyes and eyebrows, and to protect the child's face from UV radiation as much as possible.


If you don't have quality guarantee, don't buy it. Some sunglasses can only play the role of toys and decorations; some are made of glass or other inferior and cheap materials. These products do not have the effect of resisting ultraviolet rays, and the visible light transmittance is extremely low, which does not meet the physiological requirements of the human eye and is extremely harmful to the eyes of the child. Parents should never buy products that are inexpensive and have no quality assurance.


If the child does not like to wear, parents can try to wear the door with the child to attract the child to imitate; or praise the child to wear sunglasses to look good, take pictures to encourage him and so on, and gradually guide the child to accept sunglasses. It is also a good idea to let your child participate in the purchase.


Finally, I want to say to my parents that sunglasses are not children's toys, but functional protective equipment. It is necessary to use professional and quality-assured products according to the child's eye development.