Tips on Using Leather Pencil Pouches

- Apr 12, 2018-

Pencil pouches can be used to install pens or other small stationery, carry more convenient than pencil cases, feel more comfortable, more province space than it, do most things with the minimum space, give more tiny space to use. Pencil pouches are popular among students. According to materials, pencil pouches often use leather, synthetic leather, cotton cloth, Oxford cloth, plastic and so on. Their shapes can be rectangular, cylindrical and different.

Leather pencil pouches are very common. What should we pay attention to when using a leather pencil pouches?

1. It is the most important to protect its zipper, but pencil pouch is not balanced, so seldom done once when zipper, need 2-3 times, so the zipper don't go for fast, slow down, and secure.

2. The stationery that is put into the pencil pouch must be covered with the cover, the knife must be sure to be well received, the pen must cover, and the pen must be covered.

3. Don't press the pencil pouch, otherwise the stationery will be damaged with the pouch.

4. Don't use the zipper head as a portable part.

Only when you protect your pencil pouch, will its service life be extended. Try these tips!