Wash bags are small, but the effect is great

- Nov 09, 2017-

With the existence of washing bags, help us resolve a lot of embarrassment. During the journey, we can put all kinds of toiletries in them, even some batteries and drugs. Usually, for a female friend, except in toiletries, but you can add of cosmetic products, such as mascara, lipstick, sunscreen, powder, eyebrow pencil, oil absorbing paper etc.

wash bags   .jpg

ladies wash bags-mesh wash bags

Compared with the make-up bag, wash bag use range more widely, because it not only can be used to store these wash bag cosmetic products, can be put into the Cleansing Cream, cleansing flutter, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, towels, toiletries, towels, handkerchiefs can also put the goods into which is more convenient for use.
Wash bag has become one of the necessities of travel, travel, travel people. If the wash supplies directly into the trunk, not only may affect the clothing, may even make these toiletries are damaged, and not only when looking for trouble, also need to spend more time.