Wenzhou built 50 billion glasses industry cluster

- Apr 08, 2019-

As the first eyewear production base in China, Wenzhou glasses industry once occupied the “half country” of China's optical manufacturing industry and enjoyed the excellent cost performance of the international market.


Over time, this low-cost and low-value-added development model highlights the shortcomings of the new normal: especially the global economy and the private lending crisis, the entire industry suffered heavy losses and experienced a round of industry reshuffle.


“Wenzhou glasses enterprises have never stopped exploring the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading under the big waves. After several years of exploration, Wenzhou glasses are fully reshaping their competitive advantages.” Wenzhou Optical Chamber of Commerce President and Director of Wenzhou Landao Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Chang Jiagan believes that with the improvement of the glasses production department and the specialization of the manufacturing industry, the advantages of localization have become stronger in recent years, especially in the manufacturing process and the full range of products.


Despite this, many optical business owners acknowledge that the most serious problems facing transformation and upgrading are the lack of innovation and the lack of independent brands.


The pain begins and produces strength. In recent years, Ouhai District has carried out a combination of high-end industrial transformation and upgrading with “China's main eyewear manufacturing base”. Through the integration of “two transformations”, “machine replacement” and “branding” enterprises have accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading. The top-level design is a breakthrough in practice, and the government and the company work together. This is a struggle to deepen the industry between the government and the government!