Wenzhou glasses strives for a total output value of 18 billion in 2020

- Apr 27, 2019-

Sticking to foreign brands, the price has soared 20 times, so that the incredible things happen every day in the Wenzhou glasses manufacturing industry. Therefore, to become a strong independent brand has become the only way to crack the pain points of Wenzhou glasses industry.

In recent years, the growth rate of Wenzhou glasses exports has remained at double digits, especially for the countries along the “Belt and Road”, which has maintained a high growth. There are 721 industrial and commercial registration enterprises in the city's optical industry, and the Ouhai District has more than 500. It is reported that among the top ten international top brand sunglasses, there are 7 brands suppliers from Bohai.

In the context of rapidly rising manufacturing costs in Shenzhen and Xiamen, Wenzhou optical instruments and glasses manufacturing have effectively controlled production costs, and the products have cost-effective advantages and great development potential. According to industry experts, Wenzhou is expected to surpass Shenzhen in five years and become a production base for high-end products in the domestic optical manufacturing industry. In 2017, foreign trade orders in Shenzhen and Xiamen were transferred to Wenzhou in large numbers, and the export of Wenzhou glasses industry showed a momentum of spurt growth.

How to inject new kinetic energy into this traditional manufacturing industry with more than 30 years of history, let the optical industry sail to the sea with its own brand of “Wenzhou Manufacturing”? The reporter recently learned from the Municipal Economic and Information Committee that the newly released "Optical Instrument and Glasses Manufacturing Renovation Implementation Plan (2018-2020)" has proposed a blueprint for the future: guided by the construction of international fashion smart city, adhering to market leadership and government guidance, The combination of stock optimization and incremental growth will promote the development of lightweight, fashionable and high-end products, accelerate the construction of the entire industrial chain of optical instruments and glasses manufacturing, and strive to build a global base for optical instruments and glasses manufacturing.