What are the common umbrella skeleton materials?

- Aug 07, 2017-

In daily life, we can see all kinds of umbrellas everywhere, some kind of very common ordinary umbrella, and some are very beautiful and high-grade. Did not everyone notice that the umbrella is made of what material?

In general, umbrellas are more iron, because the cost of iron is high, if coupled with hard and bold, iron umbrella umbrella frame is more durable. Umbrella umbrella frame material is also useful wooden umbrella frame, so that the umbrella is a medium quality, and will choose the wooden umbrella umbrella are generally not to say that like iron will rust, and the price is relatively cheap. Of course, umbrella umbrella umbrella is not only the only umbrella umbrella or wooden umbrella stand, the same it also with aluminum umbrella, or fiber umbrella, etc., the advantages of aluminum umbrella is also very obvious, on the one hand will not be born Rust, and on the one hand is lighter than the iron umbrella frame, but the price will be higher than the iron umbrella umbrella frame higher. And there are fiber umbrella frame, generally used for high-grade umbrella, because it is not easy to break the elastic, not afraid of rust, but the price is the highest of these materials, so generally for high-end advertising umbrella majority.

Although the umbrella umbrella above the material, although there are several, but commonly used umbrella materials are generally the majority of iron. Now let's take a brief look at the umbrella of an umbrella umbrella.

In general, we will choose iron umbrella umbrella do umbrella is generally because of its cost-effective, we take a normal 23-inch straight slot bone umbrella view, so the cost of an umbrella is usually 9 To 10, the overall quality is also very good, it is suitable for customers to choose advertising umbrella, but it also has some shortcomings, is the general life, because the umbrella also belongs to that is the daily consumables, if continuous use It is definitely easy to bad. Then if we want to let it life long time, what method?

The problem is that all customers want to know, the customer will want to be low-cost, and economical and durable, so this point in general, in addition to iron umbrella outside the other umbrella material rarely do customer expectations Price, and now, umbrella manufacturers are constantly innovating, making the ordinary iron umbrella umbrella frame on the basis of the improvement, take the ordinary 23-inch straight slot bone umbrella, if the customer asked to make the whole umbrella More durable, we will recommend that hard material to do, that is, from the normal 25 to improve the general bar has 35, the groove from the ordinary 5.0 to 6.0, there are corresponding accessories have improved The

We say that the customer may not understand, because these are professional words, the sentence is a popular interpretation of the words, the focus is to see the overall weight of the umbrella, we usually do if the improvement of the umbrella after the hardened, usually than The average weight of more than 50G, so that if customers want to do the economic and practical umbrella, then add hard iron umbrella umbrella is the first choice for customers!