What are the disadvantages of primary and secondary school students during the holidays that are not conducive to vision protection?

- Jun 30, 2019-

65.6% of the parents surveyed said that their children often go to bed late and have irregular schedules. 59.5% of the parents surveyed said that children often play electronic products and play games for a long time, and 53.6% of the parents surveyed said that the children are in the house all day. , not going out to exercise.


Sichuan Zigong junior high school teacher said warmly that 52% of her classmates, 40% wear glasses. "Some students in the holiday have less time to read and study, but the time spent watching TV, using computers and playing mobile phones has increased, and it is definitely harmful to the eyes."


Yang Lei (a pseudonym), a university teacher in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, believes that students' eyesight problems during the holidays are aggravated. In addition to long-term exposure to electronic products, there are many other reasons, such as irregular writing posture and lack of daily eye exercises.


Protecting children's eyesight, 65.0% of parents interviewed will urge children to develop good eye habits


Tang Zhisong, a professor at the Department of Education at Southwest University, said that students usually learn to use their eyes for a long time, and the holidays should be the time to relax their eyes. But this is not the case. First, students have to write homework during the holidays. Second, students have to participate in various cram schools and training classes during the holidays. It still takes a long time to use their eyes. This has led to the continued decline in students' vision during the holidays, the increasing number of myopias, and the increasing number of students wearing glasses.


Warmly believe that during the holiday period, the school can allow students to make a record of holiday activities and encourage students to exercise outdoors. Parents can stipulate the time when children can watch computers and play mobile phones every day, and supervise them.


How can parents help their children protect their vision? According to the survey, 65.0% of the parents surveyed urged the children to develop good eye habits, such as correcting the child's bad posture, 63.0% of the parents interviewed will supervise the child's rest, vision, eye exercises, 61.0% of the parents interviewed Control the time when a child uses a computer or plays a mobile phone.


Yang Lei believes that students in school use their eyes for a long time, and this situation is greatly relieved during the holidays. Parents should seize the opportunity of the holiday and consciously supervise the child's scientific use of eye and develop good eye habits. Schools should also pay attention to improving the lighting environment of the classroom and regularly adjust the seats.


“Parents should actively create a good eye environment for their children, let them develop scientific eye habits, let the children do some housework in their spare time, and relax their eyes. The school must ensure that students have breaks between classes and how far students are allowed. Hey, actively participate in class exercise and physical education classes.” Gu Zhiqin believes that if parents monitor the use of electronic products for their children during the holidays, they will be able to improve their vision problems.