What are the extended functions of the eyeglass cloth?

- Nov 01, 2017-

When it comes to eyeglasses, especially for friends who use glasses, glasses are an important thing. Its main function is to scrub the dust on the lenses, so as to protect the use of glasses.
However, when using glasses to wipe the glasses after cleaning, but also need to be cleaned in time, so you can continue to use. In fact, the product not only can be used to wipe glasses lenses, extend the life of eye lenses, but also has a lot of other extended functions.
Because this kind of special glasses cloth in wiping glasses lenses, will not like the traditional use of cleaning cloth, after wiping the lens will appear hair off chip or water retention phenomenon. Obviously, when you use the wipe lens, you can completely remove the remaining stubborn stains on the lens, so that we can see a clearer picture.

microfiber cloth glasses.jpg

microfiber glasses cloth

One of the most obvious benefits of using this kind of eyewear is that it can be wiped out once and for all, and it's not only convenient, but also very effective. It can also remove the bacteria on the lens, to achieve the role of disinfection.
In addition, we can also use the eye glasses cloth wrapped up, thus the buffering effect can also carry in the process, can effectively reduce the impact brought by sharp or hard objects scratch damage. And we can use it to absorb the water attached to the glasses and keep it dry.

In fact, the cleaning effect of this kind of glasses is very ideal, and it can be used to clean glasses lenses with different materials, so as to remove the stains and absorb the grease.