What are the misunderstandings of wearing glasses?

- Jun 17, 2019-

What are the misunderstandings of wearing glasses?

1, I can't take it off when I wear it.

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between true myopia and pseudo-myopia in myopia. True myopia is difficult to recover. Pseudo myopia may recover, but the degree of recovery depends on the proportion of pseudo-myopia in myopia, such as people with 100 degrees of myopia, which may be only 50 degrees is false, wearing glasses is also difficult to recover. Only 100% of false myopia is likely to recover.

2.Watching TV increases myopia

From the perspective of myopia, a reasonable view of TV does not increase myopia, but may also reduce the development of pseudo-myopia. Because compared with books, TV is a relatively distant object. For pseudomyopia, TV is far away, and there is a possibility that it cannot be seen clearly. The ciliary muscles should be relaxed and adjusted to adjust, and the eyelashes are increased in disguise. The ability to change the muscles is a good way to relax and reduce fatigue. However, to use this method correctly, you must first be farther away from the TV, preferably 5 to 6 times the diagonal of the TV screen. If you lie on the TV, it will not work. Next is time. It is best to watch 5 to 10 minutes of TV every hour after studying and reading. Also remember to take the glasses off.

3.Must have glasses when the degree is low

If the person with low degree is not a professional driver or a job that requires clear vision, it is not necessary to wear glasses, especially myopia below 300 degrees, and do not wear glasses at any time. Wearing glasses often increases the degree of myopia. Because many people overlook the fact that according to the international standard, optometry is generally based on the distance of 5 meters to check whether it is clear, but in our lives, few people look at things 5 meters away. That is to say, glasses are used to look far. However, the reality is that most teenagers rarely pick up their glasses during their study, so most people wear glasses that look far to look close, but increase ciliary muscle spasm and aggravate myopia.

4.Wearing glasses is all right.

Treating myopia is not a matter of wearing glasses. The method of preventing myopia deepening can be summarized as a bit of a mouthful: "note the distance of the eye with close distance" and "reduce the time of the eye with continuous close distance". "Attention to the distance of the eye with close distance" means that the distance between the eyes and the book and the table should not be less than 33 cm. "Reducing the time of continuous close-up use of the eye" means that the reading time should not exceed 1 hour. When the interval is over, the glasses should be picked up and looked into the distance to avoid excessive use of the eyes, so as not to increase the degree of myopia. In addition, parents should carefully observe the matching degree between the child's desk and the chair when opening the parent conference.