What are the other effects of pencil bag?

- Feb 28, 2018-

Pencil bags is known to all is a necessary equipment for the students, it is used to put we often use the pen, eraser, ruler, automatic pen and so on, these are our school must use the stationery. With the pencil bags, these stationery is to have his own home. 232/5000 

Now the pencil bag is very beautiful and very interesting and lovely. There are not only PU material, but also fuzzy cloth material, and canvas material. In order to meet the market demand, the pen bag design is lovely, changeable and beautiful. If the subject is pink, it is the favorite color of the girl. The layered pen bag, like a steel soldier, guards the stationery home, pulling away the chain of metal. Inside is a room with two bedrooms and a room, and a room with my pencil, pen and eraser. The second room is home to a ruler, a triangle and a compass. The sitting room, is a small sandwich, putting the curriculum, or occasional visitor, for example, your good friend gave you a few small CARDS, and even the teacher rewards star, they lived happily in this house.

pencil bag-(4).jpg