What behaviors can damage the cornea?

- Jun 18, 2019-

What behaviors can damage the cornea?

1.Inappropriate wearing contact lenses ✎ Contact lenses belong to medical devices and should be tested under the guidance of a professional optometrist, and regular review and standardized nursing instructions are required. Many contact lens wearers are free to choose contact lenses, which are prone to complications, and even cause permanent damage. Partial contact lens concavity does not match the corneal convexity, irregular wear of the cornea, causing corneal ulcers, and may even cause serious consequences of corneal epithelial shedding or perforation.

2.light reflection

When the eyes are staring at the computer and TV screen for a long time, the light beam is concentrated in the retina through the lens of the eye, which causes extreme fatigue of the eyes, and the tear film that maintains the wetness of the surface of the eye due to the reduced frequency of blinking. Evaporation frequency is faster,

3.use eye drops Many people think that each eye drops will contain anti-inflammatory and soothing substances. As everyone knows, the use of eye drops does not help the eyes, but it is extremely harmful. If the eye drops contain preservatives, the preservatives may cause damage to the ocular surface. If used daily, it is likely to destroy the ocular surface including the tear film, which will not only cause dry eye, but also pseudo keratitis, which is expressed as eyes. Foreign body sensation, fear of light, tearing, blurred vision, etc.

4.the eyes are not hygienic

If you rub your eyes and feel itchy or uncomfortable, you can rub your eyes directly. Every day, your hands are exposed to all kinds of things, so your hands are full of bacteria, and your eyes are the most sensitive. Blowing your eyes, the injured bacteria can easily enter the eyes and infect the cornea.