What is artificial leather

- Jun 25, 2018-

Artificial leather and synthetic leather base cloth is a textile or non-woven fabric base, with polyurethane coating and treated by special foaming, surface feel like leather, but the air permeability, wear resistance, cold resistance than leather. How do you distinguish them?

The leather surface: leather leather has its own natural texture, gloss natural leather, with the hands or face knead leather, leather face no dead wrinkle or pleat, no cracking; and artificial leather leather face is like leather, but look at the pattern of natural luster, light skin color more seriously. Bright, pressing with a finger leather surface, no obvious pores and wrinkles, even after pressing wrinkles, does not significantly disappear.

Leather: the leather is soft and flexible, while the leather imitation is soft, but the toughness is insufficient and the leather is hard when the climate is cold. When the hand is tortuous, the skin is natural and the elasticity is good, while the imitation leather products are hard, and the elasticity is poor.

Incision: the color of the incision in the dermis is the same, the fiber is clearly visible and fine. But the skin of the imitation leather has no skin fiber, or the fiber and resin at the bottom, or the two levels of the bottom cloth and the resin.

Leather: the front of the dermis is smooth and smooth with pores and patterns, and the reverse side has a clear fiber bundle, and it is plush and uniform. Imitation leather surface without pores, some synthetic leather is negative; but some inside like leather, which also has a leather like hair, which is to carefully observe the difference of genuine leather.