What is foldable eyeglasses case and how to use it?

- Aug 23, 2017-

【Key word】foldable eyeglasses case

【Summary】Eyeglasses cases have many sorts and materials, so it costs time and energy to get a full knowledge. Furthermore, there's a process for it. Therefore, to achieve this goal, let’s study the following information about foldable eyeglasses case and benefit from it.

1.    What is the specific structure of foldable eyeglasses case?
As one sort of eyeglasses case, foldable eyeglasses case, technically, mainly consists from the case body. The case body consists from a number of junction plates. There are three main junction plates as well as magnet composing the case body.

2.    What benefits can we get from using foldable eyeglasses case?
There are two main benefits from using foldable eyeglasses case. First, the volume of foldable eyeglasses case can shrink if we fold up it when taking out our eyeglasses. In this way, the foldable eyeglasses case occupies less space, so it is easy to carry it. Second, it has a long service life because it is convenient to use, sturdy and durable.

3.    Can triangle handmade eyeglassescase be folded up? Is there any other shape which can also be folded up?

folding  optical casefolding  optical casefolding  optical casefolding eyeglasses case-(11).jpg

                                                                        folding  optical case

Triangle handmade eyeglasses case is the most frequently used foldable eyeglasses case. It is called triangle handmade eyeglasses case because its shape is triangle when it is folded up and it is usually handmade. Besides, there are also tetragonal eyeglasses case which can also be folded up, but it is uncommon and not frequently used.

4.    Can the foldable eyeglasses case be brought on the plane? Is there springs as components?
Foldable eyeglasses cases can be put into bags and taken on the plane or not, so the answer to this question is yes. There is no spring in foldable eyeglasses case but there is magnet. Springs are used in ordinary eyeglasses cases.

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