What is the design concept of a reverse rain umbrella?

- Mar 23, 2018-

To solve this problem, we can first analyze the structural design of the so-called reverse rain umbrella, which is designed specifically for the inconvenience of traditional umbrellas. When designing, we will take into account that traditional umbrellas need larger space to close their umbrellas, and they must first close their umbrellas before getting on the train and do not get wet before they get on the train; in addition, when using traditional umbrellas, the rain drops everywhere. Umbrellas are constantly dripping indoors, and they even wet the car seat cushions. Not only that, in the event of a storm, the umbrella's ribs are easily blown back.


It is precisely because of these considerations that when designing the reverse rain umbrella, the design of the umbrella in the opposite direction is used skillfully, and at the same time, the rain on the umbrella is not splashed on the body.


In fact, the design of this reverse umbrella is full of creativity, but also changed the way for the umbrella to open. When you close your umbrella, you can avoid the trouble of rain falling on your body, and you can do advanced house re-adjustment.


Such a reverse umbrella is designed to truly consider the user's point of view, and it truly achieves an intimate and convenient design concept. Inverse umbrellas also have different specifications, fabrics, umbrellas, and weights to choose from.