What is the profit of stationery?

- Aug 07, 2017-

Stationery industry in the end is how a situation, the media reported not much, outsiders are less aware of it. Shantou Sanhe stationery as a stationery wholesaler, would like to talk about the profitability of stationery and stationery classification. We believe that the stationery industry is still a very promising industry, although the profits than the previous decline, but because of the purchasing power of enterprise groups increased, the country's annual turnover of up to 150 billion yuan.


Stationery can be divided into two categories of student stationery and office stationery. May be a lot of people think that stationery is sold to students or faculty and others, stationery shop is aimed at the student groups, in fact, this understanding is normal, however, in line with our childhood habits. However, the application of stationery has long been confined to cultural and educational, student profit margins may be the smallest, office stationery market is growing.

Office stationery, as the name suggests, is the office stationery, and student literati has a big difference. Office stationery is the main positioning of enterprises, institutions, factories, government agencies, office stationery is a feature of the pursuit of practical and durable, not seeking popular tricks. This is also a difference with the student stationery. Office supplies are also widely classified, such as three-pin a nail, accounting supplies, documents, etc., detailed classification can refer to our three and stationery website, it is worth mentioning that some labor supplies, tea products are now some stationery companies To office supplies, because they are also office needs.

Industrial and office space to buy stationery capacity is much higher than the school, the number of stationery used by the company is very alarming, although the company after the computer with less pen, but also bring other business opportunities, especially computer paper, Ink cartridges, toner and other office supplies, as well as document rack, document vouchers, document finishing type and other supplies, the demand is very large.


The stationery industry can be divided into retail and wholesale. Retail is a small investment, the first phase of investment of about three or four million is enough, because the need to open a small shop shop, so fancy people in this industry is very much, and many supermarkets also have stationery counter, so be careful Business is; At present, the stationery retail profit margins from a few years ago, more than 50%, quickly reduced to about 25%.

Stationery profit rate of this problem is the most just enter the friends want to know, but this is a different, vary from person to person. In general, office stationery profits in 10% - 35%. But the profit of this thing, not completely into the formula can be calculated. Low into the high or low or low, are possible. Business is not 100% homogeneous sales, are based on their own understanding of the market, through continuous attempts, and ultimately come to their own set of marketing, this is the most suitable for their own.