What material does the Clothes storage bag contain and all the clothes fit?

- Sep 13, 2017-

【Key word】 Clothes bag
If the Clothes storage bags , is mainly used to receive clothes, so it can be called a bag, holding clothes and this for us, but also in daily life, so there may be used to, and it is necessary to know about, so we used correctly, and to achieve the best use effect
Is this a vacuum bag? What are the main specifications?
clothes bag storage, it can be said to be a vacuum compression bag, the answer is yes. And in its size, generally speaking, there are small, medium, large and extra large of these four. As for how to choose, we should decide on the actual situation rather than blindly.
What kind of material does the storage bag contain? And, if it's vacuum, how do you vacuum it?
Clothing bag, and its material, in general, there are PE and non-woven fabrics of these two, which specific, which is to see which is more appropriate, so that we can determine the appropriate material. If it is vacuum type, then it is necessary to vacuum, otherwise it can not have good use effect. As for how to vacuum, it is very simple, you need to use some tools to absorb the bag of air sucked, so as to achieve the purpose.

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clothes storage bags

Are there any differences between roll and bag  press bags?
Are there any differences between them?Laundry bag and bag type pressure volume, specific words, among them, there are a lot of difference, because the former is rolled up by hand to achieve this purpose clothes off, the air and the latter is through the hole, use the pump or vacuum cleaner, the bag in the air sucked. Thus, to achieve the purpose of forming a vacuum compressed. So, they're different,
Are all clothing suitable for use in clothing storage bags?

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cloth storage bags

For clothing bags, if it is a vacuum bag, then some are not suitable, such as silk and high-grade wool clothing. Because, if you use it, but will wrinkle, and then out, but also ironing, so it is to increase trouble, and like down jacket and cotton underwear and other clothes, it is suitable for use

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