What's so special about a reverse umbrella?

- Sep 27, 2017-

What's so special about the "natural antibone-back" umbrella? Now let's take a look at the main advantages. First, let's briefly introduce its history. In fact, the product has attracted a lot of attention since its inception.Because its structural design is different from our traditional umbrellas, even with subversive effects.

Compared with traditional umbrellas, what are the highlights of reverse rain umbrella? In fact, its opening and closing mode is exactly the opposite of the traditional umbrella. This makes it look beautiful, as if it were a flower. This is also its first bright spot. The second most important point is that it can realize the operation of the opening and closing in the minimum space.

Especially for motorists, using this type of umbrella is hardly extremely convenient. Because it can make use of the least space to open and close, it is very convenient.And also it can prevent from being wet when the umbrella is closed. This is because the reverse rain umbrellause a very unique petal, so it can stay rainwater in the umbrella. And when you tie it up, you can avoid dripping water, can protect documents, personal belongings, etc.

In a word, antifolding umbrella can be used to meet the needs of our various aspects, which can be a perfect solution to the problems of traditional umbrellas. I believe that through the introduction of the above, you are now familiar with the anti-folding umbrella.

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