What’s the effect of EVA eyeglasses case? And how do we clean it?

- Oct 18, 2017-

If a high-grade eyeglasses without the matched suitable eyeglasses case, which will not only impact the overall effect,  but also will impact service time of eyeglasses.
If we are able to use a high-grade EVA eyeglasses case to hold the eyeglasses, which can preferably protect our eyeglasses from damaging and enable it has a longer service time to exert bigger effect and value. Obviously, different eyeglasses should match the suitable eyeglasses cases. Now there are many types of the eyeglasses case in the market, you can choose it as you like.

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eva eyewear case

What is need to pay attention is when the EVA eyeglasses case has been used for some time, its outer surface will be stuck with dust and sundries, which means we need to do the cleaning work. However, do you know how to clean it? Next we will share some right steps to clean the case, and the detailed information as blow:    
The first step, we should drop a little lotion on the dusty EVA eyeglasses case; The second step, dipping appropriate amount of water for rinsing, and wiping it gently with your hands at the same time; The third step, using clean soft cotton cloth to dry it after cleaning; the last step, putting the case in the ventilated place to dry after the water is totally absorbed.
Above information is mainly to share the EVA eyeglasses case’s effect and cleaning method to everyone, we hope every friend to protect our eyeglasses case carefully in our daily use, to enable it to protect our eyeglasses better.

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