What's the matter with the contact lenses wearing fuzzy?

- Apr 08, 2020-

There are many reasons for Dai Meitong's eyes to be blurred, and the overall can be divided into these: there are dirt on the lens, the lens is reversed, the base arc is not suitable, and the wearing time is too long.

 1. There is dirt on the lens

There are dirt on the surface of the contact lens. This situation will not only cause blurred vision, but also may appear foreign body sensation. In this case, just remove the lens, wash it and wear it again; in another case, when the protein on the lens surface is deposited There are many, and if the individual does not clean and disinfect well, the clarity of the lens will be reduced, and the things will be blurred naturally. Therefore, when choosing non-daily contact lenses, you need to use it with a care solution to ensure that the lens is clean to ensure the eyes. health.

2.The lens wear anti

The contact lens has front and back sides. If the lens is worn reversely, it will cause the lens to not fit the eyes, a foreign body sensation, and the sight is sometimes clear and sometimes blurred. At this time, just remove the lens and re-split the front and back.

3. The base arc is not suitable

This situation is also relatively common. When the base arc of the contact lens is larger than the base arc of the eye and exceeds 0.2mm, the slide will appear, and the lens slide will appear blurred. At this time, we need to know the size of the base arc of our eyes, and then choose the lens that suits our eyes.

4.Wearing time is too long

Sometimes the wearing of the contact lenses takes a long time, the eyes may appear dry, and once the drying time is too long, the substances secreted by the eyes may be insufficient, which may cause the eyes to be dry. At this time, if you wear the contact lenses again, you may go Adding cream can cause discomfort to the eyes, so if the eyes are dry, there may be vague symptoms when wearing the contact lenses. So if this happens, you can remove the color lenses, soak them in the care solution, wash them, and then wear them again.https://www.gift-package.com/