What’s usage of spectacle cloth in the glasses case? Wipe your glasses? The answer is not!

- Jun 15, 2020-

Glasses is a very great invention. He let many friends with vision defects find "good medicine". Looking around the class and campus, many students have put on glasses. In addition to glasses, we will also have a glasses case, a bottle of glasses liquid, and a few glasses cloth. We all know that the glasses case is for storing glasses. When we don’t wear it, we put it in the box to avoid losing the damage. The glasses liquid is sprayed with lenses. It is used for decontamination to make the lenses clearer. In general, we think that the glasses cloth is definitely to wipe the lenses. Yes, in fact, the answer is not so. If it is not for wiping the lens, what is his use?


In fact, the glasses cloth is used to protect the glasses. When we don’t use him, wrap the glasses with him, so that we can avoid the friction of the two in the glasses case. If we simply put it in the box, no It’s okay when moving, with little effect. If we put it in a bag, friction and collision will occur when we walk, and the lens will be worn. The glasses cloth can block the box and the lens, reducing the friction and achieving Protect the effect of the lens. So, how should we clean our glasses? The glasses need to be kept clean and tidy. Even if you can’t see the dust on the glasses, you should clean them frequently. This will not only keep the lenses clear, but also extend the life of the product, and protect our eyes.


The cleaning method is actually very simple. We gently spray the eyeglass liquid on the lens, and then wash it with running water. First, let the sides of the lens be washed by water, and then gently rotate the glasses. Everywhere can be in contact with the water flow, using our fingers to gently rub the lens, so that all the dust on it disappears and the lens can be clearly seen. After washing, we wrap him with a softer tissue and let the tissue absorb the moisture above. When the moisture is absorbed, we can put it in a ventilated and sunny place, which is usually our eye balcony, and finally Wait for it to dry completely, this is the best way to clean.


So what harm will we do when we wipe the glasses with the glasses cloth? In fact, there is no problem with the use of eyeglass cloth to wipe the previous glasses, because most of the optical glasses used to be wear-resistant, so sometimes we wipe with the eyeglass cloth, there is no problem. Now we are mainly using resin, although there are many benefits, but its wear resistance is worse than optical lenses, but our glasses cloth generally has a larger internal gap. Wiping with such glasses cloth, not only You can’t make the lens clear, but it is easy to grind our expensive glasses. The more you rub it, the more blurred it will be. The more terrible thing is that the lens will suffer damage and reduce the service life.


Therefore, friends who don't know the real use of the glasses cloth should pay attention to it. Don't continue to use the wrong method. The correct and clear steps also tell everyone. We must cherish our glasses.