What's wrong with first-time contact lens grinding?

- Jan 03, 2020-

Many people who wear contact lenses for the first time will have a problem of grinding eyes. In addition to the reason of the lens itself, this may also be a problem with our operation.


1. The normal symptoms of first contact lens wear. Wearing contact lenses also requires a certain running-in period, and symptoms of grinding eyes are very normal. The running-in period is generally maintained at about 1-7 days.


 2. Contact lenses are not for you. The contact lenses you choose are not suitable for the symptoms of bruising caused by wearing them, such as excessive diameter and excessive base arc. Such a situation is likely to cause eye contact wearing contact lenses. Can be solved by changing the brand.


3, contact lenses are not worn well, there is no distinction between pros and cons. When many people wear contact lenses, it is difficult to distinguish between the front and the back of the contact lenses, so the chance of grinding their eyes after wearing them is very high. (1) The lens belt is turned upside down, and the belt is not worn when I try to turn it over.

(2) The left and right eyes are replaced, but the beautiful pupil does not distinguish between the left and right eyes.


4. The lens is not cleaned. Care and cleaning of contact lenses is definitely a vital part of wearing contact lenses. There are foreign objects on the lenses that are not cleaned, and the problem of grinding eyes is very serious. This is not only grinding the eyes, but also harms the health of the eyes to a certain extent. It is necessary to change the care solution every 3 days. When cleaning, gently massage the lenses with your fingers.


 Generally speaking, the first time wearing a beautiful pupil is because the eyes are unsuitable or the lens is worn back. Therefore, first-time wearers can pay attention to the first three points, and they also need to pay attention to cleaning and hygiene issues to ensure eye health.https://www.gift-package.com/