What should I notice about the maintenance of the leather glasses case?

- Aug 31, 2017-

Maintenance seven attention
First of all, because the production of glasses box leather cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin is the main component of protein, so it will be easier to damp, or does occur vermin phenomenon. In view of this, we use leather glasses case, to a large extent, in fact, should pay attention to avoid contact with oil, or acidic and alkaline and other substances.
We should pay attention to using some fine flannelette to wipe the leather glasses case when it is used frequently. When the rain damp or moldy phenomenon when, we can actually use soft dry cloth to wipe water stains or is it moldy. Do not pay attention to water or gasoline inunction, this is because water can make the leather harden, gasoline will lead to volatile oil dry leather.
What's more, when we find that the leather glasses case is torn or damaged, that is, we should pay attention to the timely repair. When the top is relatively small cracks, cracks in the place where we can last point Xu egg, cracks can be bonded.

PU leather  glasses case-(2).jpg

PU Leather glasses case

Leather glasses case can not be exposed, we should pay attention to when placed, should be placed in a cool and dry place, and it is ventilated place. But leather glasses case itself is concerned, we actually will notice that it has wear-resistant, on the other hand, in fact, will have a better permeability
Finally, we would like to remind everyone that the leather glasses box case maintenance to a great extent in order to protect our glasses not harm, therefore, the protection for leather glasses box, in fact is indirect to our implementation of the protection of leather glasses, glasses box is good or bad, in fact is to reflect we use the actual time, it requires us to pay attention in the choice of when.