What Types of Frames Are There?

- Apr 30, 2020-

In addition to a variety of lens types to choose from, there are many different styles of frames available. Frames have less of an impact on the quality of vision you will achieve through your glasses than lenses do, but they do make a big difference on comfort and overall experience.

 When selecting the right frames, factors to consider include:

· Frame size.

· Frame color.

· Frame thickness.

· Frame width.

· Arm width and length.

Types of frames that vary in the above factors include:

· Full-rimmed frames.

· Rimless frames.

· Semi-rimless frames.

The type of statement you want to make with your glasses will help you determine which types of frames are best for you. Look for frames that are functional as well as enjoyable to wear.https://www.gift-package.com/