Why titanium metal glasses have become the new darling of the eyewear industry

- Mar 06, 2020-

What is titanium? Titanium is a metal element, an ultra-light and hard metal with a specific gravity between iron and aluminum, only 58% of white copper. The earliest discovery of titanium metal was about 1790 AD, but it was not until about 150 years (that is, 1936) that Mr. William Kege invented a special refining method-the "magnesium-doped reduction method". Made into useful goods, in 1948, DuPont of the United States became the earliest manufacturer of titanium metal. Titanium is an irreplaceable metal material in the industrial world in the 21st century. It has other lightweight metals that are incomparable to lightness, super corrosion resistance, similar to platinum, and has excellent mechanical properties. It is precisely because of these advantages of titanium that it can be seen in all walks of life.

The "titanium submarine" made of titanium alloy can dive to a depth of 4500 meters. Generally, steel submarines are easily crushed by water pressure over 300 meters, and have strong resistance to acid and alkali corrosion. They will not rust in seawater for 5 years. "Titanium aircraft" is solid and light. A large titanium passenger aircraft can carry more than 100 people more than an ordinary aircraft of the same weight. The aircraft speed can exceed 300 kilometers per hour, and aluminum alloy aircraft can be up to 240 kilometers. In the aerospace industry, titanium Can be made into the "outerwear" of a spaceship, protected against high temperature attacks, and many more products that we will use in our lives, such as titanium utensils that are light and rust-proof, and retain the vegetable fragrance for a long time; made of titanium and alloy titanium The glasses are light in weight and strong in strength. The surface is vacuum-plated and coated with a layer of titanium nitride. The appearance is almost the same as that of gold. It is more abrasion-resistant than gold and cemented carbide. This coating is known as "never wearable." ".
Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why titanium is the first choice for yushan glasses: its light weight is not easy to break, it is elastic, it has strong corrosion resistance and good touch. So that the wearer will no longer be uncomfortable because of wearing traditional overweight glasses, long-term compression of the bridge of the nose and muscle compression, and no longer worry about the problems of discoloration and gloss after long-term use of the glasses ... However, everyone in the industry knows that the production cost of titanium and alloy titanium is very high, and it has high requirements on buckling, stamping, cutting and welding. It is not easy to weld and electroplating. Welding must be completed in a vacuum. In particular, Yushan glasses use pure titanium and β titanium, which are the most difficult to process. They are active at high temperatures and difficult to process. The frame of the frame is very thin and requires a lot of fine processing. It also involves alloy titanium welding technology, which is definitely a big challenge for titanium, which is a particularly difficult material to process. The higher production cost and extremely high processing difficulty also made Yushan glasses engineers make great efforts to keep improving from buckling, stamping, cutting and welding, and finally overcome the difficulties to achieve a satisfactory result.
The creative design and high-end fine craftsmanship made Yushan glasses a popular titanium series (Green Forest, Tataga, Dengfeng, Promise) as soon as they were launched, and even made Yushan titanium glasses a new favorite in the eyewear industry. All are designed by 20 years of professional glasses design masters, senior engineers use high-end pure titanium β titanium as the main material, with rare decorative materials such as natural diamonds, gems, crystals, millennium black coral, horns and so on. It is precisely because Yushan glasses adhere to the principle of “no limit on creation and no limit on value”. In the Yushan titanium metal glasses series, the [Wuji Series] is the highest grade, and only 2-3 classic creations are released each year, with a global limit. And in 2016, the three models [Great Wall, China Knot, President Black Coral] were sold in sets of a limited edition of 100 sets. Since then, Yushan Glasses has continued to climb to a higher level, giving designers no boundaries, and playing "endless" creations without restraint, so that buyers enjoy "extreme" satisfaction.https://www.gift-package.com/