Yushu bright, with love to let the heart see the world

- Sep 28, 2018-

Some people say that hazy beauty is beauty and art, but if you really live in a hazy world all your life, I'm afraid most people will refuse. Poor eyesight is a problem for a large portion of the world's population. For them, obscurity is not beauty, but a physical handicap, an inconvenience of life. In remote mountainous areas and plateaus, due to the backward conditions and vision protection concepts, visual diseases cannot receive due attention and timely treatment, which will eventually lead to patients in the dark for life.

In order to help these patients with visual diseases, yishi road vision foundation -- yaarui special fund and BOLON glasses walked into yushu again in 2018, started the yushu brightness action together with zhongshan ophthalmology, donated surgical sunglasses for cataract patients, and provided visual screening and free optometric glasses for local primary and middle school students.http://www.gift-package.com/