0glassesAR New Product Launch Invitation

- Aug 29, 2019-

One day from AR's industrial-grade solution leader 0glassesAR's new product launch on August 28th, the industry's various speculations have already been added. Which VR/AR technology will be brought to the forefront application of this 0glassesAR? At present, the operator financial network has received an invitation letter from 0glassesAR, the highlight of tomorrow's conference may be a glimpse of one or two!


From the invitation letter of this conference, it can be seen that 0glassesAR has broken through the previous B-end industry, whether it is the theme of "different horizons in different worlds" or the invitation to a man and a woman, all of which implies that 0glassesAR will expand to the C-end industry. According to online information, the 0glassesAR will release the consumer-grade AR glasses RealX.


The operator financial network found that the former 0glassesAR founder and CEO Su Bo has publicly stated that the team wants to carry out the C-side business. Su Bo said that there are three major reasons for targeting the C-end market. First, as the mobile phone continues to evolve, AR glasses will gradually become the first. The third generation of general-purpose computing platform; the second is the development of network infrastructure, the demand for AR/VR applications is improved; the third is from the consideration of 0glassesAR's own business model, like Huawei is also the C-side from the B-end.


According to the existing news, 0glassesAR released the consumer version of AR glasses with black, white candy color and other color combinations, configuration parameters will have four highlights, will be equipped with BOE 0.39 inch OLED screen, resolution of 1920* 1080, FOV or 50 degrees, the weight of the whole machine may be 80g. In terms of adapting to smart phones, this product currently supports Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi and OPPO flagship phones, and will support more models in the future.


Not only that, but on the online news, the three major scenes of consumer-grade AR glasses, including games, travel and education, are also likely to be deeply bound with operators. This may be the result of 0glassesAR entering the C-end market. shortcut. 


According to informed sources, on August 28th, 0glassesAR also released two AR glasses, the enterprise version and the developer version, and the price of consumer AR glasses is definitely within the acceptable range. However, what are the characteristics of the new products released? What is the price? Tomorrow, the operator financial network will go to the scene to reveal the answer for everyone!