10 Hospitals Of Aier Ophthalmology Obtained The Certification Of National Drug Clinical Trial Institutions

- Nov 04, 2019-

Recently, the State Drug Administration issued a notice on the qualification examination of drug clinical trial institutions (No. 5) (No. 86 of 2019), and identified Beijing Aierying Eye Hospital, Shanghai Aier Eye Hospital, Shenzhen Aier Eye Hospital. Chongqing Aier Eye Hospital and Chengdu Aier Eye Hospital are eligible for the National Drug Clinical Trial Institution (GCP). As the world's largest ophthalmology medical group across Asia, the United States and Europe, the GCP certification by the State Food and Drug Administration will help Aier Ophthalmology to open a platform for clinical trials and applications in Europe and the United States. Prior to this, five hospitals in Aier Ophthalmology had obtained GCP status.

It is reported that with more than 80 eye branch offices in Europe and America, a comprehensive international research platform, and a leading global doctor platform, Aier Ophthalmology domestic ophthalmologists can get early access to and understand the ophthalmic drugs that have been approved in Europe and America. Obtained GCP certification, the ophthalmology new drugs in Europe and America can conduct clinical trials in Aier Ophthalmology earlier and more scientifically, and directly obtain technical support and guidance from European and American experts, accelerate the clinical trial process of ophthalmic drugs in China, and shorten the latest ophthalmology of patients in China. The time of medical research results.

Professor Tang Xilan, Consultant of the Ophthalmology Pharmacy Group of the Pharmacy Committee of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association Hospital, and the chief pharmacist of the Aier Eye Hospital Group, said: "The clinical use of tafluprost maleate timolol eye drops for the treatment of glaucoma and high intraocular pressure. Approved by the European EMEA in 2014, Aier Ophthalmology relies on solid drug development and clinical research, high clinical trial operation and management capabilities, and rich platform resources to make some glaucoma patients in China the first to enjoy the drug. Beneficiary."

Professor Tang Shibo, Dean of Aier Ophthalmology Group and Dean of Aier Eye Academy of Central South University, pointed out that obtaining GCP certification is an endorsement of the hospital's clinical research capabilities and clinical operation management capabilities, and further requires Aier Ophthalmology to be a new ophthalmology drug. More research and verification to create more scientific and credible research results for the benefit of the majority of patients.

As an important part of the research and development process of new drugs, drug clinical trials aim to provide a scientific basis for the safety and efficacy of drugs through drug testing in humans, providing an important basis for the review and approval of new drugs. Any new drug must pass the clinical trial approved by the State Food and Drug Administration in China. The test results are safe and effective before they can be approved for marketing. Whether or not the drug clinical trial institution is qualified is considered to be a measure of the quality of scientific research and medical care of medical institutions. One of the important signs. It is reported that Wuhan Aier Eye Hospital, Changsha Aier Eye Hospital, Guangzhou Aier Eye Hospital, Shenyang Aier Eye Hospital, and Wuhan Aier Eye Hospital Hankou Hospital have been undertaking GCP-certified clinical trial projects. A new international ophthalmology drug for the treatment of glaucoma, fundus diseases, etc. took the lead in clinical trials and application in Aier Ophthalmology, providing better ophthalmic drugs and treatment for patients in China.