300-year-old Wu Liangcai Glasses Launched 'old Invoice Call Order'

- May 14, 2019-

The old name is a symbol of urban culture and the temperature of a city. On the occasion of the Chinese brand day on May 10th, Bailian Group will bring its first department store, the first pharmaceutical store, Wu Liangcai glasses and other old brands that are well-known in Shanghai and famous throughout the country to concentrate on the 2019 Chinese brand day series. activity.


300-year-old Wu Liangcai glasses call for old customers to reunite


Wu Liangcai glasses was founded in the 58th year of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty (AD 1719), and the industry has experienced 300 years of vicissitudes. After several degrees of transformation, today's Wu Liangcai chain outlets are spread all over the country. More than 500 chain stores span more than 100 cities in seven provinces. While pursuing high-tech, they still retain traditional manual memories. The optometrist is experienced, specializing in high anisometropia, high astigmatism, adolescent true and false myopia identification, child weakness, cataract and cataract postoperative fitting, progressive multifocal mirror and other difficult fittings.


Ophthalmology equipment such as fundus cameras and intraocular pressure machines that are rare in ordinary eyewear retail stores are available at Wu Liangcai Head Office. In 2017, Wu Liangcai glasses successfully passed the “National Standardization of Spectacle Matching Service”. The backing of Wu Liangcai's glasses quality "Sanlian Optical Center" has further improved the overall scale and technology, equipped with advanced automation equipment and a new generation of processing equipment to improve the fitting technology and product quality.


Recently, 300-year-old Wu Liangcai launched the “Old Invoice Calling Order” to the whole city, found the glasses invoices that had been purchased by Wu Liangcai, and took photos at the designated stores. The 10 users with the earliest invoice date will receive Zeiss lenses. "At present, we have received the invoices from the old customers in the 1960s, which have been collected for more than 50 years. People are both admired and moved." Liu Yuyan, general manager of Sanlian Group, told reporters.


Accompanied by the 300-year celebration activities throughout the year, Wu Liangcai glasses also tailored the IP image of “Wu Laoye”. This amiable “100-year-old man” will welcome the new customers online and offline, and expect old customers to come to the store.


The first pharmaceutical store to create a medical version of the "Asia Pacific new product starting place"