5G Dongfeng Power AR Smart Glasses Positioning News Vision, News Perspective

- Apr 29, 2019-

In the past, video news has been limited by the bandwidth of the network bandwidth, the instability of the handheld camera, the lack of clarity of the camera, etc., has not been able to bring the best experience to the audience. Similarly, although the VR/AR technology and the terminal device have been iterated many times, the user visual experience is still unsatisfactory.

Now, all this has changed dramatically. "5G+AR smart glasses" brings a new way of reporting to news dissemination. First, the high bandwidth and low latency of the 5G network completely eliminates the user's visual dizziness. Secondly, media with new media technologies such as near-eye display, perceptual interaction, rendering processing, network transmission and content creation have tried to build immersive news content that is immersive, virtual and real.

“5G+AR Smart Glasses” allows users to stand in the first angle and “share” the entire news event with journalists, editors and parties, and become a part of the “news scene”.

It is understood that the New York Times, CNN, CGTN and other news media organizations have begun to try to provide 360-degree, 720-degree panoramic video news to the audience. Among them, the New York Times launched a news application based on VR technology - NYT VR, content subscribers can watch VR news content on the software through the free paper glasses (Google CardBoard) provided by the New York Times. CGTN used RealSet virtual system for the first time during the “Belt and Road” summit forum. It used AR technology for virtual implantation in the live broadcast and recording process of C01 main studio, and designed and produced more than 20 high-precision virtual fronts, including maps. Data, Sino-European trains, oil exploration, ports, special program LOGO, etc., vividly interpret the economic and cultural exchanges between the “Belt and Road” and various regions and countries in the world.